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Four Ways a Personal Financial Adviser Can Help Clear Up Retirement Confusion

By: Lisa J.B. Peterson Published on 12 Jan, 2015

Today, as do-it-yourself projects and home renovation shows abound online and on TV, it can be tempting to pursue other tasks on your own - even when planning for retirement. Securing your life after work is a learning process, and there are several reasons to bring in a personal financial adviser to show you the ropes and get you started.

Confidence in Your Numbers
Plugging your information into retirement calculators is a great start. When using such a calculator to discern how you'll save for retirement, it's easy to misunderstand what is being asked. Your personal financial adviser can explain exactly what these questions are looking for so that there's no confusion, affording you confidence that you won't vastly underestimate - or overestimate - the amount of money you will need in retirement.

Quantifying Your Goals and Dreams
Financial experts often discuss goals and ideals with their clients and help them understand how much these things will cost in order to move them closer to reality. Your money allows you to design the life you want to live later on, and your personal financial adviser can partner with you in that interest.

You Never Know What You Don't Know
When organizing your assets, it is very difficult to know which questions you need to ask yourself, and it is very easy to miss something important. An adviser can fill these inevitable gaps in thinking. You can always use help factoring in the things that are not yet on your radar and that you'll need to know.

Applying These Numbers
Digits on paper can be daunting and feel impersonal. A personal financial adviser can explain not only what the numbers mean, but what they may mean for your future specifically. It may be hard to understand why you would need a certain total amount of money to retire, but by learning that it can represent the difference between taking a nice vacation each year or staying local, these numbers may become more motivating.

Bringing in an experienced professional when it comes to planning for later can be the first step to a prosperous retirement. Guidance on what you may need down the road offers peace of mind that your money is in the right places now, so you can spend more of your energy dreaming up those DIY projects for the future.

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