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SmartProtect Term with Vitality

  • Simple and affordable protection that rewards you for healthy living
  • The opportunity to save up to 10% or more on your policy each year*
  • Earn additional rewards and discounts for the everyday things you do to stay healthy like saving up to $600 per year on your healthy food purchases

SmartProtect Term with Vitality

We believe that life insurance should be more about living and not, well you know, death. Our SmartProtect Term with Vitality policy is term life insurance with something extra. In fact, there’s nothing quite like it on the market.

How it works:

  1. It’s easy to participate!
  2. We will send you a free Fitbit device with your policy to help you get started
  3. Earn Vitality Points simply by engaging in everyday healthy activities, like going for a walk, eating well, or visiting a doctor
  4. As your points add up, you can earn savings on your life insurance as well as other rewards, like gift certificates and discounts on many of the stores you shop at every day
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*During the term selected premiums adjust based on the Vitality Status achieved by the life insured. Premiums will decrease if a status of Gold or Platinum is achieved. Premiums will increase if a status of Bronze or Silver is achieved by the life insured. The 10% savings represents the difference between the insured attaining a Gold Status vs. a Bronze Status in all years for the duration of the term. Premiums will never change by more than the specified percentages shown on the policy contract.